Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling


Horizontal se87 d aheath

Lavt bord med taburetter i ask

Ditte og Adrian Heath

Niels Roth Andersen

Produkt information

Materialer / Materials:

Hjertetræ af ask, hørcanvas og rustfrit stål
The materials are heart wood of ash - both with and without lamination - and linen canvas sewed together in 3 layers. Triangular ring fittings in stainless steel.

Udviklet og designet i samarbejde med / Developed and designed in collaboration with:
Sigurd Højland Olsen

Tekstiler af / Textile by:
Hanne Vedel

The idea behind the design of the stool has been to utilise the natural springiness of a certain types of wood and to transfer this to the seat in a way which will increase its comfort.

To do this the legs have been regarded as springy "fingers" which hold the canvas seat stretched out like a resilient membrane. Prolonged experiments with a number of different structures, woods, laminations, joints and seat materials and studies of the bow and the ski - articles which also utilises the springiness of the wood - have lead to the solutions shown in the exhibited stools.

The stools can be pushed under the hexagonial table.

Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling 1987